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About The Artist Detail

Richard Warwo

The Children's Center for Early Learning & Henry Gregg Gallery present:
Autistic Savant Artworks: Don't 'dis' the ability
A New York 2006 Art Exhibition Tour featuring the works of four internationally renowned artists.

What is savant syndrome? Savant Syndrome is a rare, but spectacular, condition in which persons with various developmental disorders, including autistic disorder, have astonishing islands of ability, brilliance or talent that stand in stark, markedly incongruous contrast to overall limitations. www.savantsyndrome.com

Artist Reception: Saturday, January 14, 2005, 6-9PM

sponsored in part by the Children's Charitable Foundation
text by Dr. Darold Treffert, MD

Richard Wawro: An Amazing Artist

Richard Wawro is a remarkable Edinburgh, Scotland artist, now known world-wide, for his detailed drawings using wax oil crayons as his only medium. He can create exceedingly detailed, dramatic drawings of intense depth and color. Richard was born in 1952. When he was three years old his parents were told that he was moderately to severely retarded. He also showed considerable autistic behavior with the characteristic obsession for sameness, withdrawal, twirling while walking and a preoccupation with the piano striking a single key for hours at a time and spinning objects endlessly.

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