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Past Exhibitions


Preview - André Martínez Metamorphosis Sonatas Series
Preview - Visions From The Fields of Merit
Preview - Orisha
Preview - Native Spirit
Preview - In The Zone
Preview - Eros
Preview - The Seed
Preview - An Expression Of Love
Preview - Past to Present
Preview - Peace From Within
Preview - In The Shadows
Preview - Pure Paint II
Preview - Visualizing Climate Change
Preview - Windows To Light The Work Of Pedro Abreu
Preview - On The Streets The Work Of John Elder
Preview - Homage
Preview - Serenity
Preview - Scott Endsley
Preview - The Artist Project The Works Of Peter Sumner Walton Bellamy
Preview - Brooklyn Back In The Day
Preview - Vibrance
Preview - Reverberation
Preview - New York Landscapes the Photos of Robert Herman
Preview - Immaterial- The Works of Sam Clayton
Preview - Emotions Of Africa- The Works Of Anne Foudral
Preview - JUMP!
Preview - The Spirit Hunter -The Photos
Preview - The Spirit Hunter
Preview - The Works of Fernand D'onofrio
Preview - Five Lenses: Forgotten Shades of Gray
Preview - Veneration
Preview - Art of Revelation
Preview - My Visitors
Preview - Silent Pictures
Preview - Autistic Savant Artists: Don't dis' the Ability
Preview - The Embracing of Life and the Unexpected
Preview - Lush Life
Preview - Central Park Venus
Preview - Pure Paint
Preview - Jazz Lines

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